Legal Status

Legal Status:

1. The Organisation is Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, vide Regd. No. 391-230 of 1983-84 on dt. 16.01.1984. View the regd. certificate here

2. PAN No. AABTJ5499F

3. TAN No. BBNJ00928E.

4. Regd. under e-Anudaan. View the enrollment here

5. Regd. under NGO Partnership. Unique ID: OR/2015/0090097. View the enrollment here


1. Old Age Home Programme Beneficiary 2022-23. View

2. Old Age Home Programme Beneficiary 2021-22. View

3. Details of Staff Employed 2022-23. View

4. Details of Staff Employed 2021-22. View

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Annual Report 2022-23

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