Social Awareness and Organisation

Social Awareness and Organisation

The Society is one of the leading Non-Govt. agency for social education and awareness programmes. Under this programme the Society has been conducting meetings, seminars, motivation camps, distributing poster, undertaking campaigns and issuing advertisements in Local Dailies on different issues of National and International importance like drug de-addiction, National Integration, Dowry prohibition, literary and other awareness generation programmes throughout the state.

Awareness Campaign

This year the Society has organised ten such awareness camps and public meetings on fundamental rights, literacy health and hygiene and dowry prohibition programme in which more than 660 youths participated. The programmes of society in this direction could be able to create a consensus among the targeted groups and the team of workers feel that continuous efforts will provide better results and can inculcate a change in People’s attitude.

Youth Leadership Participation

The systems of social transformation and development process become so complicated that to train the youths properly to proceed for a stable future in harmony with culture and technological development is urged, to equip the whole youth mass for adopting proper base for self-development. With this objective the Society is launching different activities.

The Society is conducting a number of programmes for youth leadership and development, National youth week is organised with programmes of literary, art and sports activities. This year most of such days colourful and educative programmes along with discussions on the importance of such days and role of youth in promoting such activities and inculcate moral, ethical and cultural values in the minds of coming generations are organised.