Social Welfare and Defense

Social Welfare and Defense

Drug De-addiction

The Society since last six years is also putting their sincere efforts to organise few programmes for the benefit of drug addicts, sex workers and the general public. Under these programmes, the Society is conducting awareness campaign, referral services and guidance activities to facilitate their rehabilitation process. However, Society is developing a centre for counselling and guidance for de-addiction from the year 2001-02.

National Character Building

Society has taken up steps to support the villagers for care and protection of their animal resources, follow up of repayment of agricultural loans, best use of irrigation and drinking water facilities, counselling of youths to join Indian Army, fisheries development and allied activities with a limited sphere and expecting to enhance these activities during the forthcoming years.

Road Safety

The Society has directed part of its efforts to strengthen the traffic operation system in the country through implementation of road safety programmes and public education for promoting people’s participation in traffic control. This year the Society has organised 2 campaigns in Coastal Odisha.

Welfare of Disabled

The Society has initiated efforts to bring the disabled people of the society in the target blocks into the mainstream so that they can lead an independent social life. The Society has conducted welfare programmes for the disabled people living in these areas with the aid and assistance from the Govt. and Non-Govt. agencies.

Welfare of the aged:

The Club has been working for the aged since inception and established an old age home in 1994 for 25 aged people with support of food, clothing and shelter. This home is planning to undertake a wide range of programme for the aged in the next two to thee years.